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[Nothing more can really been said  about the mind behind the madness that is Adam Colton that he hasn’t already shown us in action, with his videos gathering a cult following and his skills inspiring thousands we delve and deliver in Adams own words]

[SF]So how ‘bout you go and introduce yourself.

[AC] My name is Adam to the Colton, I can eat a pie faster than anyone except Ben, I like my pancakes battery and I recently like to cook tofu and zucchini.  I like to move around.

Okay, how’d you get your start? Please include, when, where, what and why.
[AC] Starting ripping the skateboard when I was in 7th grade.  Loved to ollie down stairs, gaps and board slide flat rails.  Got into Longboarding Senior year of high school, just bombed hills.  During college saw one of Chris Chaput’s board walking videos and was stoked.  From there just got creative with a bunch of college friends and started dancing around.  Longboarding was a great way to have fun at college and scare the ladies.  Now Longboarding is a big part of my life but not everything.  It is all about balance because as we all no there are so many other awesome things and I am happy longboarding is one of them.


 [SF] Right now watching the world of Longboarding you are like the new hotness in Longboarding, without a doubt one of the rock star iconoclasts that are re defining Longboarding. How do you explain the nature of your being in regards to the catalyst you seem to be for the nieche sport of Longboarding. Please include the words Avacado, Hamster, and Cowboy in your explanation.

[AC] I actually buy avocados at the grocery store and cut then up and eat them, they are good.  Hahaha, I just try to be myself but I must confess I did go to Cowboy rock star school for like 4 years to learn how to be hip and with it dawg to the yo yo.  I hope I can continue to be true to myself and others and just be a nice guy.  My hamster died when I was 10.
[SF]Yea “make you smile” was pretty sick, in terms of the intense nature of the boardside momentum and movement but how it portrayed the riders in the videos. How well did it turn out from your side of the table, what’s the feedback been like?

[AC] Our 1st DVD Make You Smile has sold over 5 million copies and I am a millionaire and can retire.  Yeah,!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you to everyone that has purchased the DVD, it really means a lot because that shows us we got people out there that support us and like what we do enough to spend some money on our DVD and that is special.  Hopefully more and more people will check out our DVD, because one day all of our internet videos will be destroyed by aliens and all there will be left is the Make You Smile DVD.

I know the DVD is not easily available to our international folks.  I hope to take a bunch of DVD’s to sell when I do the skate across Europe trip with Sam Benson July 16th- September 17th 2007 baby.  So if you were not buying the DVD due to high shipping rates to your country you can buy the DVD directly from me.


[SF] You recently moved to LA, so… how’s that going? If you don’t want to talk about LA feel free to just talk about either LA Bomba or the Hot Starlet’s you are currently dating.

[AC] As soon as I moved to LA I bought myself a Mercedes to fit in with the scene and I eat out at only the fanciest restaurants.  I have a really small dog named Pico and I am constantly driving around hooting and hollering at the ladies, hahaha.  I have not found my hot scarlet yet, I think my ugly hair dew might be scaring them away.  If it’s not my hair then it surely must be my personality and long nose hair.


[SF] Loaded, Insect, LBL… You manage to align yourself with some of the most amazing and good hearted craftsman in our sport. How do you manage the fine line of respecting each company when you are spreading your love all around the town?

[AC] I just be myself and it all works out.  Nothing but good intentions and I believe people recognize that, if they don’t then they are crazy.

[SF] Ninja vs Cowboy vs Robot, Who wins?

[AC] Ninja all the way baby.

[SF] Right, how well do you think you would survive a zombie Armageddon?

[AC] Good question…., I have not read the zombie survival guide handbook but I am creative and bench press 800 lbs not to mention a world class baseball player.  So I think my odds are pretty good.
[SF]Along the line of the love spreading, having inspired so many people, seems to me that you must have been quite inspired by some folks yourself, wanna give some shout outs to yo ‘spectin homies?

[AC] Everyone I have meet in the boarding community has been so kind and supportive.  I hope to meet so many more people as I will travel to Europe with Sam Benson and the crew.  Everyone is an inspiration, it does not matter if you are good or bad at boarding, if you are having fun that is contagious.  It is never inspiring to see cocky people, so don’t be cocky even if you are super awesome, teach your awesomeness and spread the love.


[SF] First time I met you I couldn’t help but notice you didn’t have any pie? Do you have something against Pie? If you were not such a pie hater, what kind of pie would you like?

[AC] Malakai Dear, I did not have any pie because I made a promise to my sister that I would not eat any sweets for a year.  Though recently I have made an exception and I will only eat pie if it is for a pie-eating contest.  I have done 3 pie eating contest since then.  I am big fan of pumpkin pie and cheesecake.  Though I have to confess to my sister, I have eaten some chocolate.
[SF]There are rumors just abounding about the new Dancer, wanna drop some details or slip in some juicy spy shots for us? How much involvement have you had with it? Will it finally make me be able to do the look back?

[AC] The new dancer is insane, totally outside the box.  I have been very involved in the developed of the beautiful beast.  Don and I have developed the shape together with input from Adam S. as well.  Adam S. and I will be the main force in testing the beast and putting it through all types of abuse to see if it can handle our madness.  Our Proto-type 1 was basically used to test the function of our unique shape.  The shape turned out a lot better than Don and I expect, it looks beautiful and yes it looks kind of weird, hahaha but don’t all Loaded boards.  We made small adjustments in the shape near the nose and tail section to increase strength.  The shape is pretty much nailed we are still waiting on proto type # 2 where we have beefed up the thickness on a lot of the material to make it more stiff and durable.  Once we get proto-type #2 in we will release info about it through our newsletter.

Sorry everyone that the Dancer is taking so long and thanks for you patience, but believe me I want to ride it and see it as badly as you.


[SF] Cantaloupe monster! Was that thing incredibly dangerous, or did it just look like it?

[AC] Just looked like it.

[SF] It’s been said that you could prolly sell a frozen banana with jelly beans for wheels as long as you made a video of you riding it, does that give you a sense of responsibility in any way? Do you have any plans for a banana and jellybean board?

[AC] Hahah that’s funny.  I am lucky and I am proud to make videos for quality companies and with quality boards.  I am a big fan of the old banana boards; they really push your level of riding.
[SF] Lets take a moment and talk about the darker side of your fame, there are rumors you have been on some sort of super secret Skate-Roid that has enhanced your skills to their current mythical levels.  What do you have to say for yourself? Also where can we buy it.

[AC] I guess the rumor slipped out a bit.  It is true, for a couple months I was taking muscle enhancing; speed enhancing pills so I could perform better.  I also, have had surgery to cut away some of my bone and replace it will polycarbonate so I am much lighter and can move quicker.  Also, in my brain I got placed a balancing compensation chip with helps me balance better.


[SF] In addition to these charges it’s rumored you are going to have a segment on MTV called “All Up ONs, Wit Adam C” how did this come about and do you think that all the hilarity of setting hamsters on fire and filling Jason’s helmet with jell-o will detract from the purity of this sport?

[AC] I am prankster by heart, I was born in prison baby and with this MTV segment I am just trying to be a role model to kids and put on a good show.


[SF] If you were stuck on a desert island with the cast of one of your video segments along with the quiver there included which would it be? Yea and the island is like well paved all over.

[AC] I would be stuck on the desert island with that really gorgeous chick “Adamina” in the video, “Together Loaded” featured on our Make You Smile DVD.  Adamina would be perfect, beautiful yet masculine.  She would be able to lift heavy stuff and help me build a raft to leave the island, plus make a great longboard dance partner.
[SF]Where do you see Longboarding in 10 years?

[AC] Tons of happy people.

[SF] Were do you see yourself in 10 years?

[AC] Happy and bald.

[SF] Future Plans?

[AC] Improve my skating, share what I have learned, travel all over, and enjoy the outdoors.

[SF] Any words of wisdom?

[AC] Of course… a nice tasty snack for breakfast, is a rice cake topped with cottage cheese, raspberries and banana slices with a bit of honey, hmmmm very tasty.


For a fun little random activity to improve balance I recommend getting into slack lining or find someone with a slack line.

-Stretch as much as you can.

-Hang around good people.  Friends are powerful.

-Don’t spend too much time on silverfish, hahaha, go out and actually skate and enjoy the day.

-Share what you have learned.

-And yes, I know I am not the best at this, but try to wear a helmet as much as possible especially if you are bombing big hills, sliding or learning new tricks.  I am getting better at this but I too forget to put on a helmet a bunch of times.  I will try to lead better by example.
[SF] Anything you want to add? Anything you feel like you should share?

[AC] I just want to thank everyone for taking the time to read the interview and for being a huge part of longboarding because as we all know this is a big group effort.  People all over the world each day are blowing minds, having fun and introducing others to boarding.  Spread the love.

I also hope people will participate in our Loaded Newsletter Challenge series 2 starting July 2nd with more difficult tricks and better rewards.  Check out the Loaded Blog for all the details.

Also, I am skating across Europe with Sam Benson and the Beatswalkin crew from July 16th – September 24th.  Please be a pal and make a small donation to our charities, we will see that you donated and it will bring a smile to our faces.  Here is a link to donate,

I am blessed because I have meet so so so many great people through longboarding and I just know I am going to meet so many more.

Tell someone they are beautiful…

Thanks for your time man, thanks for everything else too…

Thank you to Kyle (, Luke ( and Pablo/Diana( for taking the pics.  Kisses

[SF] Thanks for your time Adam, and thanks for inspiring all of us

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