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A monster roaming this land, riding the wave of life and hopefully inspiring people along the way.  Skater, skateboard filmmaker, human powered traveler, timelapse photographer and crazy person.  Make a living being myself and doing what I love.   Thanks for the support.


Random Facts

Born – Springfield, VA

Mainbase – Bishop, CA

Age – 11,850 days and going

Most Days in Single Pair of Underwear – 1 month

Total Distance traveled by Human Power – 7,000 miles +

Favorite technical material – Merino wool

Graduated – Elon University, Elon, NC

Degree– Communications, Emphasis in Film

Hours spent on computer – Too many

Mountains or the beach – Mountains

Favorite Random thing – Roller skating

Wish I… stretched more

Weakness – Spelling

Girlfriend – Not ready

What makes my back hurt – 6 hours at IKEA

Years Skating – Off and on since I was 13

Hobbies – Mtn biking, skating, climbing, flying, photography, farting

Good thing to own – Thera Cane


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