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FILMED – Adam Colton, Paul Kent

EDITED – Adam Colton

SCRIPT – Adam Colton

MUSIC – Original Score by Sam Peters (sampetersmusic.com)

NARRATION – Jerry Buckner

SPECIAL EFFECTS – Jonathan Jelkin

The Paskapoo kid is on the run, Old Farly is out for blood.  Blood will be spilled.

There is a point in ones skateboarding filming career where you jsut have to try something different, to challenge yourself, break out of the norm.  This was that video.  A mini movie with acting, a bad guy, mussel flashes, stick pony, a narrator, original score… the works.  This video really was a lot of fun to shoot, so many laughs throughout the project.  Got up early every morning to film this video with Paul, wanted to film it only during the magic light, morning and evening.  Wanted this to be a beautiful work of art.  The narration was written by myself, it pretty much is some deep thoughts on what distance skating means to me.  I particularly had fun at the end of the video, creating a very chaotic and dramatic scene with old Farly.  Paul Kent did an amazing job filming those abstract scenes.


“Dead for the Last Time” by Paul Kent

Dead Title Filming Dead for the Last Time

Prior to filming when I met up with Adam in Los Angeles he told me he wanted to do a Western themed skate video. And the video all began with one line. “Boy, you done gone dead for the last time!” He was super busy, not only was he just about to leave on his trip to Australia to paddleboard the Murray River. He was also working on 6 videos at once. So we had next to no time to hash out the details of the video before we had to get to work. We needed horses, Costumes, Props, Some extra film gear, another actor, groceries for the week, and a story. We had Five days. Four of those days would be spent filming this. To cap it all off we had to drive Hundreds of miles to get it all done. It was going to be hectic, sleepless and lots of work.

Dead Paul stare Filming Dead for the Last Time

We tried a few people to play the villian “Old FootBreak Farley”. But most were shy about acting. Adam was also a possibility but he preferred to stay behind the camera. Then Adam suggested Dane. I was skeptical at first. Dane is one of the nicest guys I know. I had even linked him to the human embodiment of Winnie the pooh. He’s cute, loveable, with a child like innocence with the added bonus off having god like skate board control and the drawback of not being a real teddybear. I couldn’t see him as the mean Farley. I was certain his Winnie the pooh voice wouldn’t come off as mean in the slightest. But Adam was sure he was the guy and Dane was able and stoked!

We wake up, brush our teeth, eat some Royal Jelly (Gross) and we’re off! Adam didn’t think we could get it all done in time to leave. First stop groceries at Trader Joes, Then Sam Peters house. I got to meet Sam and hear his music. Super cool guy and one of Adam’s best friends. Afterwards we picked up our props and costume accessories. I research western wear in Los Angeles and found the Old Frontier Clothing Co. They Graciously stayed open late for us so that we could check out what they had. That last thing on our list were our horses. Now I was a Cowboy for a halloween skate once and I had a mean stick pony. Since then I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be in a skate video with stick ponies! I called around 20 toy stores in the area and only one had them. And it was an hours drive away. We arrived just after 8:50 they closed at ten. Having these items in hand inspired the story to evolve further. We had dinner, then we drove through the night to our first location.

Dead Horse ride Filming Dead for the Last Time

Jumping from one beautiful national park to another all the while refining the shots and story. Filming at sunrise and sunset, driving during the middle of the day and the night. Eating Mexican food for breakfast and dinner. We had lots of ground to cover. Half of the time was spent driving and scouting our next location. We slept about an hour during noon each day and around 4-5 hours during the night. I wore the same clothes for continuity, Adam did too… I have no idea why. The parks were beautiful and Adam was getting some really great shots. We delved further into the photography and story and showcasing technical skating went by the wayside.

In the hotel after filming on the third day I was practicing my lines for the shoot off when Dane arrived. I was still skeptical about him contorting his loveable face into anything mean. He arrived with his poncho and we gave him the rest of his costume to try on. He got the idea to make a grimace while Adam spoke overtop of it. It was hilarious. But it wasn’t until we got out filming on the salt flat that we realized how good Dane was for the part. I fully believe Dane stole the show. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve never had more fun being behind a camera!

Dead Adam film Filming Dead for the Last Time

Dead Dane mean Filming Dead for the Last Time

Dead Adam film2 Filming Dead for the Last Time

Adam just got a new Durus Follow focus from Cinevate. It allows for smooth dynamic focus during filming. The most obvious places you can see this effect would be the focus moving off of Danes face and onto his pistol in the early shots of the video.  I’ve been surrounding myself with Photography / Videography lately and I was super stoked to get to practice pulling focus in some of the shots of Dane. I also got to experiment shooting dane with my lens disconnected from my camera for the waking dream effect near the end. (A technique I later found out was named “lens whacking”).

Dead Dan Mean Filming Dead for the Last Time

The post production team was pretty extensive. The script had to be finished from the skeleton frame that Adam and I had came up with out on the road. Sam tailored music specific to each scene in the video. The special effects and time lapses had to be added by Jonathan, and it was decided that we would hire a professional narrator named Jerry Buckner. Jerry added a great deal to the narration. Jerry has done narration for Ford, and Chevy Silverado, He’s also been voice talent for countless movies and other projects.

Dead Horse dead Filming Dead for the Last Time  

Dead Dane Fire Filming Dead for the Last Time

When it comes to this video’s Photography, storyline and skating I feel we all got a little carried away. But I’m so glad we did! As the story grew and with the shots we were getting it seemed to become more about art and photography than skating. But the story and script really do justice to describe the true essence, feelings and beauty of long distance skate journeys. Maybe Farley was just some subconscious manifestation of the dangers of such trips…

Dead Paul Old Filming Dead for the Last Time

Dead Dane dead Filming Dead for the Last Time


Adam Colton for everything
Dane Webber for stealing the show
Don and the staff at Orangatang / Loaded
Jonathan Jelkin for AWESOME the Animation
Jerry Buckner for reminding me of “The Cowboy” from big Lebowski
Cinevate for the sliders and super smooth follow focus!
Old Frontier Clothing Co. for turning me into a cowboy
My other sponsors Rayne, Vega, and Royal
Our Parents for making us
My Darling Wife and Daughter for allowing me to do kickass stuff!
And you for watching and reading this!


MUSIC THOUGHTS BY SAM PETERS – www.sampetersmusic.com

Dead SamFace Filming Dead for the Last Time

I am super excited that I got the opportunity to work with Adam Colton and Loaded on their newest monsterpiece.  Here’s a little something in the way of articulating my musical choices, direction and inspiration.

After viewing the stunning visuals, as well as the intense, dark and graphic story that Adam had put together, I knew that I had to come up with something special that would really drive the narrative.  Being that the movie is a Western, that also helped to define the musical palette.  For inspiration, particularly for the intro I created, I looked to the movie “No Country for Old Men” which was scored by Carter Burwell.  I tried to capture that kind of dark, foreboding, epic feel, but obviously I wanted to use my own voice to find it.  Similarly, when Adam had a particular sound that he wanted me to go for, like the bluegrass section I did my best to follow his lead.  Sometimes I was given cryptic notes such as “some kind of eerie, suspenseful music, that goes with open landscape, mysterious,”  but to his credit, and because of the kind of guy Adam is, for the most part I was instructed to allow inspiration to pull me where it would.

Dead Sam Madalin Filming Dead for the Last Time

As well as being menacing and ominous the movie also has a comedic element to it.  We made the choice to allow the action to create the humor and not attempt to hit anyone over the head with it. I didn’t want the music to be a distraction or make the movie feel silly.  The story is potent and I wanted the music to draw you into the drama.  I hope I did my job.

Thanks again to the entire Loaded family!

Dead Sam Cute Filming Dead for the Last Time

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