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FILMED – Adam Colton, Adam Stokowski

EDITED – Adam Colton

MUSIC – ‘Crack Corn’ by Ki:Theory

Ethan, Trevor and Nick all with different styles have fun navigating the San Fran terrain.

Back at San Fran again, the perfect fun concrete playground for Loaded’s new board the Kanthaka.  To try something different for this video, Adam S. and I kept it simple, exploring what was possible with a tripod, long lens and follow focus.  We captured some of the closest details of wheels, board and body movement we have ever done and it was a real challenge.  A skater is moving very fast and when you have to frame just his board in your shot, move the camera perfectly to capture his obscure movement at the same time rolling focus and hopefully the skater nailing his move there is a lot of variables.  Each rider usually did a bunch of takes in order for everything filming, focus rolling, skating to come together.  Proud of what Adam S. and I accomplished.


– Cinevate Durus Follow Focus (http://www.cinevate.com)

-Manfrotto Tripod

-Canon 5 & 7D

-Canon 28-300mm

-Sigma 10-20mm lens

More Info on the filming of Eighteen Cubits on the Loaded site.


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