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FILMED – Adam Colton, Adam Stokowski

EDITED – Adam Colton

MUSIC – ‘A Rumour in Africa’ by Errors

Kyle and Ethan shed speed down the steep streets of San Francisco on the new Loaded Balut slide wheels.

Stoked on how this video came out, it has a nice energy and feel to it, kind of inspires you to go out and skate hard.  We knew San Fran would have epic hills to entertain Kyle and Ethan.  Adam S. and I focused on capturing the action with a variety of tools, slider, tripod, follow focus and fig rig.  The music came together and was a perfect match for the skating.  When editing I had fun cutting B roll of the city to the beats, to give it a little of flare before some skating parts.  We filmed this video just over 2 days so we were busy, we had some bad weather a couple of the days.  Adam S. and I woke up earlier than we wanted some mornings to capture some morning light over the city.  We tried placing a zoom recorder on the ground to capture some better sounds but it didn’t work out too well.  Hope you all enjoy – Adam C.


Cinevate, http://www.cinevate.com – Atlas 10 Slider, Atlas Flt Slider, Durus Follow Focus
Canon 5D & 7D
Canon 28- 300mm Lens
Canon 24-70mm Lens
Canon 14mm Lens


Baluts in San Fran by Ethan Cochard

I can never express how stoked I get when I find myself traveling to California for the sole purpose of shredding hills. The unique landscape and prime weather always allow for the maximum amount of skate related fun. This time around, however, I discover that I was heading up to San Francisco to film a video with my favorite go-kart buddy Kyle Chin, and the mighty-mighty Adams.

IMG 8317 720p Baluts in San Fran

First off, let me just say that San Francisco rules for skating. It. Rules. Simple as that.

The hills you find there are nothing like any other city I’ve ever been to. Straight, mind-boggling steep streets surround you in pretty much all directions; abrupt drop-offs where a seemingly flat road turns into a plummet into the next intersection; and pavement that slides for days on end.

Going with Kyle Chin and Adam Stokowski was a real benefit. They already knew of the key spots to hit, so we wasted very little time in finding some proper hills to skate. Though we traveled far across the city, we found ourselves primarily in the Sunset district, infamously known for the Sunset Sliders that claim the land as home.

IMG 8580 720p Baluts in San Fran

On my first couple of descents, I realized that sliding was much easier and effortless. Getting used to the practically vertical streets of San Francisco took a little trial and error, mainly errors though. The steepness of the hills, coupled with the slipperiness of the pavements made leaning far over your board less of a necessity. Compared to how much lean you need to slide in Boomtown, I was forced to pretty much stand straight up.

After a few sketch-filled runs, however, I found that the skating was the least of my worries. Adam C’s perfectionist filming style was a force to be reckoned with.

Apparently he acquired a new toy that will take this longboarding video to a whole new level, at least from a filming perspective. With the use of a Focus Roll, he was able to capture Kyle and I flying down a hill, while fully maintaining us in focus. It seems simple to keep something in focus because the average handheld camcorder does so automatically. But what Adam and Adam were able to achieve with this new technique was a subject that stayed in constant focus, as the background fades into a blur. Epic sauce.

IMG 7815 720p Baluts in San Fran

The main reason why filming this video with the Adams was so different and more difficult than anything I have done before was because the actual shooting process took more than just two hands. Both of the Adams would be behind the camera, one panning, the other rolling the focus. Combined with the possibility of the skater messing up, there was a drastic increase in how easy it was to botch a shot. So, this meant more takes. Takes to make up for the failed takes, and takes just to have for take-sake.

Though these factors already made filming enough of a tedious affair, having another rider in a shot simply added to the heaping pile of variables. I’m not saying Kyle Chin isn’t a reliable shredder; it’s just that the man knows how to throw some fast slides and is so nimble he gives ninjas a run for their money. What I’m saying is that filming under these conditions made me extremely nervous to really nail my line or trick.

IMG 8897 720p Baluts in San Fran

But on retrospect, the pressure was a good thing. It really pushed Kyle and I to step up our game. At times it made certain things seem impossible, but more than anything, it forced us to be as precise and as dialed in as the Adams were behind the camera.

Our close-quarter combos made it feel as if we had a 6th sense as to where the other person was, even when we never looked back. We would fly down the city streets almost neck and neck, then throw simultaneous “mirror slides” as we then cross each other and continue to mimic the others movements. Despite only skating with Kyle a handful of times before, I found that I had the same feeling of trust that I have only known among my fellow Boomtowners.

Balut video 720p Baluts in San Fran

The craziest thing about skating with the Chinster is that he was able to roll his ankle super hard and then be able to shred and finish the video before we had to leave back to LA. Tweeked ankle? Ain’t no thang for the mighty Chin.

All in all, it was an amazing experience. San Francisco should be on every skaters “Places to shred” list. The people, the hills, the food and the general feel of the city are mind-blowing and unique. I cannot wait to head back and hopefully skate with more of the locals since we unfortunately did not encounter too many of them this time around.

Skating with Kyle and filming with the Adam duo in a new city made this the most fun video I have filmed with Loaded to date. Though I’m sure I say that just about every time, it always remains true.

– ethan

IMG 8320 720p Baluts in San Fran

IMG 8706 720p Baluts in San Fran

IMG 8763 720p Baluts in San Fran

IMG 8897 720p Baluts in San Fran

IMG 8909 720p Baluts in San Fran

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