Les Arcs France

Philp, Lance, Ryan and myself take a run down a nice slop in Les Arcs, France. A bit hectic with all the gliders but lots of fun.

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Wheeler Crest

An amazing 5,000 plus foot flight.  Rock scramble to the top of Wheeler Crest, camp at the top of the mnt under the stars.  To waking up bright and early to nervously setting up and bam running our asses off at 11,000 ft.  There is nothing better than when you get lifted off the ground, a big releave comes over, you are flying it is all good now.

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Golden Mtn

Hiked up Golden Mtn (3,100 ft). A 2,400 ft foot hike and descent at sunset. Couple hours to hike up, 3 minutes to fly down. Flying down is more fun then hiking down.

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