Team: Adam Colton, Paul Kent, Aaron Enevoldsen

Days Skating: 2 months

Distance: 1,240 miles

Highest mtn pass – 8,851 ft

Highlights – Skating on chip seal 90% of the time, avocado smoothies and almond pastries, camel trek in Sahara Desert.

Morocco Complete playlist

From 0 to 70kmph on their skateboards and now 0 to 2000kms Long Treks on Skate Decks is BACK! Adam Colton, Paul Kent, and Aaron Enevoldsen teamed up in 2010 to revisit the pain, anguish and hilarity of traveling across countries with longboards. Morocco seemed to be a good choice as it is paved, culturally rich, and safe for tourists. They soon find out what the real struggle is… each other. In the attempt to circle the entire country by longboard, they lose their minds and go completely insane. So put on your 3D goggles and pour yourself some mint tea, you might find out something new about Morocco!

FILMED – Adam Colton, Paul Kent, Aaron Enevoldsen

EDITED – Adam Colton

GRAPHICS – Jonathan Jelkin

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