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SOUTH AMERICA Jan – March 2009

Team: Adam Colton, Paul Kent, Aaron Enevoldsen
Duration: 2 months
Distance: 1,500 miles
Highest Mtn pass – 14,851 ft
Highlights – Living above 10,000 ft for 2 months, skating over 13 passes in the Andes, 2 days and 2 nights living on the Salar De Uyuni Salt Flat

Playlist for South America

In January 2009 I set off with Paul Kent and Aaron Enevoldsen to conquer the Andes with only longboards and backpacks.  Below is a video series documenting our journey and our struggles.  There is a lot of videos in this series, if you got the time watch them over the course of a week, defiantly do, it is a very detailed capture of our pain and suffering, hahaha.

FILMED BY – Adam Colton, Paul Kent, Aaron Enevoldsen

EDITED BY – Adam Colton

MUSIC – Aaron Enevoldsen

Special thanks to Mike Hager for supplying the Camera

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