A monster roaming this land, riding the wave of life and hopefully inspiring people along the way.  Skater, skateboard filmmaker, human powered traveler, timelapse photographer and crazy person.  Make a living being myself and doing what I love.   Thanks for the support.

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Random Facts

Born – Springfield, VA

Mainbase – Bishop, CA

Age – 11,850 days and going

Most Days in Single Pair of Underwear – 1 month

Total Distance traveled by Human Power – 7,000 miles +

Favorite technical material – Merino wool

Graduated – Elon University, Elon, NC

Degree– Communications, Emphasis in Film

Hours spent on computer – Too many

Mountains or the beach – Mountains

Favorite Random thing – Roller skating

Wish I… stretched more

Weakness – Spelling

Girlfriend – Not ready


Take a stroll down memory lane.  I present to you the general story of my longboarding career, the longboarding movement Adam S., myself and Loaded helped inspired.  Not all the details are in there, too many things have happened.


I started filming skateboard videos when I was 13 years old.  I borrowed my parents SD video camera against there will and I use it to film my friends skating rails, gaps and stairs.  For a summer job I even worked as a skateboard counselor teaching kids the basics of skateboarding.

Video of me doing some street skating.

Pic of me ollieing over decks.

My college years during the summer I began making my own longboards with my friend Matt Richard.  They were  5ft long planks of wood cut out of Baltic Birch, we called Dancers.   Both Matt and I  decorated them with our custom monster artwork.  We sold a handful of these boards to friends.

Longboard pic

Adam Stokowski was a childhood friend of mine, he lived right up the street and we would street skate together throughout high school.  That son of a gun even dated my sister for a second back in the day, hahaha.  I gave him one of our homemade dancers right before I left on my Skate the USA trip in 2005 because he recently was recovering from a broken leg and wanted to ease his way back into skating.  I just thought Stokow was going to push around on it nothing serious but when I returned to my surprise he had gotten quite  good on the board and really enjoyed longboarding.  From there the Adam Squared partnership was born and we created our first video together, LONGBOARDING ADAM’s style.  Which at the time, gained a lot of attention from our footwork style of boarding.

2005 Longboarding Adam’s Style, longboarding videos have come along way since back then.

Longboard Larry (LBL) a custom longboard manufacturer was a sponsor of my Skate USA trip by accident.  I met Larry by luck when our bus broke down in Oregon and Scott from thelongboardstore.com set us up to stay with Larry while the bus was being fixed.  From that moment a friendship and sponsorship was born.  We gave up the current decks we were riding and LBL built us custom decks for the trip right then and there.  He even became our press person for our trip and flew all the way to VA to join us at the welcome home celebration.  At that celebration he surprised me with my very first pro model board called ‘Adam’s Old School Dancer’, modeled after the boards Matt and I were making.

Pic of Adam’s oldschool dancer board, larry pics.

Stokowski and I then were sponsored riders for LBL and began riding the Oldschool dancers and making a series of videos with them which led to the longboard dancing discipline (surf style footwork on skateboards) and us coining the phrase after each video, “come dance with us. ” We also came out with a trick tip series, “Tricks tips with Adam and Adam” to educate the community.  The series became a hit because of a very humorous and creative approach for teaching trick tips videos.  We made up tricks with funny names such as chop the wood, shanker, the look back, spin big, we were just having fun with it all.   My involvement and friendship with Larry continued to grow and I am remain friends with him today and at the time the LBL oldschool dancer was his most popular board.

Pic of Larry and I hanging out, Perhap Mary, Larry and I pick, or hot pepper pick.

Classic Adam and Adam Trick tip video – cross-stepping

March 2006, a very young Adam C.

March 2006, a very young Adam S.

Last video in 2006 before moving to CA.

All this time, even before the skate USA trip, even before LBL, Loaded had expressed interest in myself  since they caught wind of some of my earlier college skating videos online.   I  began talking to Loaded about getting more involved and this was a year long process.  I remember numerous hour long conversations with Jason Pavilanis an employee of Loaded at the time, us trying to figure out the best approach to get me involved.  Against Don’s request (owner of the Loaded) to NOT move out to CA quite yet, I moved out to LA anyways in 2006 to make it work.  I lived on Jason’s apartment floor in Los Angeles, CA for a number of months and worked with Loaded.  Don and I still can laugh today about me abruptly coming out here.  He said hold off next day I told him I bought a ticket, hahah.  If you want something bad enough you got to go for it.

It took me awhile but I created my own job at Loaded picking up and creating jobs that needed to be done.  I took over the newsletter, worked with our webdesigner to update the website, wrote product info, manage the team, developed our youtube channel, did a bit of customer service, took the photos, shot and edited the videos, organized events, some product design, managed the blog.  I just was in a whirl wind of stoke.

Soon Loaded came out with the Dervish board and Adam S. and I were going to film a release video for it.  I flew home to VA to join Adam S. and little did we know we were creating what became one of the most influential longboarding videos of the time, ‘Whirling Dervish,’ which inspired a lot of people to longboard.

Sept. 2007.  2.5 million views and growing.

Adam S. still remained in VA, working jobs and going to school.  We would fly him out to CA once a year to film a video and I would go back home to VA to film videos with him as well.  That is when we developed the infamous Loaded Challenge series, which motivated kids to learn 1o tricks for the shot at a free Loaded Board or 20% discount.  The series was a hit and we went out to create 4 more of them.

Embed Challenge series

Soon down the road, Louis Pilloni came aboard the team and started working for Loaded in-house.  Louis and I continued to push the level of riding, especially sliding and created a number of videos together, one of which being the first video to introduce Loaded’s new company Orangatang Wheels.

June 2008, Includes the famous Louis almost hitting truck scene. 1 million views and growing.

Louis at this time really helped develop a solid Orangatang team which includes many of the today’s top pro longboarders: Louis Pilloni, James Kelly, Patrick Switzer and Kevin Reimer. ‘Orangatang 4 President’ was the first video I filmed that incorporated this group and it was the first video of its time to capture aggressive downhill pack style of riding one Malibu’s gnarliest roads.  Then later ‘We got them purps’ with the same team raised the bar even more on what was possible to do on a longboard, doing precise 40mph + high speed drifts all together into hairpin turns.  The comfort these 4 showed around each other skating so close and so fast was remarkable.  The level of downhill skating and free-riding was being push by the Orangatang team and the videos were just spreading.

During this time I got approach from Paris Trucks.  They recognized the influence I have had on the longboard scene both with skating and filming and wanted to create an Adam Colton Pro Model truck.  With some thought, I went for it and the Adam Colton monster truck was born wrapped with my original artwork.  Over 50,000 trucks have been sold and since Feb. 2013 and growing.


Myself on the cover of Concrete Wave one of the biggest longboarding Magazines of its time, with my first Loaded Dancer board developed by myself and Don.


All this time my skating was slowly being put on hold, filming and editing were becoming more appealing and important to me.  My last video I seriously skated in was  ‘Troglodytes of Men’ filmed and edited by Jonathan Jelkin, in Nov 2010.  This video released to the world the Loaded Bhangra a board I had been developing with Loaded with the help of Adam S.

Nov. 2010, Almost a million views, I am a caveman.

Adam S. finally made the move from VA to CA end of 2010, and still has a full time job with Loaded and living the CA lifestyle.  We have team up and over the past few years have created some amazing longboarding videos together and have been a driving force on raising the bar of  longboard video production and helping promote and showcasing some of  amazing longboarding ambassadors.  It is a pleasure after all these years to still be working with Adam S.

Now a days, I hardly skate at all, other interest such as rock climbing, mtn biking, flying have taken over and my involvement with Loaded is strictly on filming and editing skate videos.  Though 2013 is going to be a life changing year.  I will continue to create skate videos for Loaded boards but part time.  I have been inspired to get some personal projects going on the side involving timelapse photography, adventuring and working with some outdoor companies.  Life is a wave, you got to ride it and constantly challenge yourself and seek out new experiences.

To the future,




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