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Speed Riding, Les Arcs France

FILMED – Adam Colton, Ryan, Lance

EDITED – Adam Colton

Back home after an 8 day trip to France learning the art of speed-riding.  What is speed- riding?  Well, speed-riding combines skiing with flying.  Check out this video of myself, Philip, Lance and Ryan as we take a hectic run together down the mountain. 

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Golden Mtn

FILMED – Adam Colton, Jonathan Jelkin

EDITED – Adam Colton

A couple hours to hike up 2,400 ft, only a few minutes to fly down.  Jonathan Jelkin (swing-spitfire13m), Adam Colton (swing-spitfire15m)


Wheeler Crest

FILMEDAdam Colton, Jonathan Jelkin

EDITED – Adam Colton

A massive flight, 5,000 + ft.  I still dream about this flight today.  First time running off a mtn this big, such a rush and an amazing feeling once the wing picks you up and you are floating in the air.

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