China (September 2012)

TEAM– Adam Colton

DURATION – 3 weeks

DISTANCE – 800 miles

HIGHEST MTN PASS – 15,871 ft

HIGHLIGHTS – Living above 15,000 for 4 days, Yak butter, singing to myself

In 2012 I decided to do my first SOLO skate trip.  I picked a very tough, barren, desolate place Qinghai and Sichuan China.  I did not speak any Mandarin or Tibetan tongue.  For 3 weeks I talked to myself and battled mtn pass after mtn pass and eventually got ill.

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Morocco (2010)

TEAM – Adam Colton, Paul Kent, Aaron Enevoldsen

DURATION – 2 months

DISTANCE – 1,240 miles


HIGHLIGHTS – Skating on chip seal 90% of the time, avocado smoothies and almond pastries, camel trek in Sahara Desert

Adam Colton, Paul Kent, and Aaron Enevoldsen teamed up in 2010 to revisit the pain, anguish and hilarity of traveling across countries with longboards. Morocco seemed to be a good choice as it is paved, culturally rich, and safe for tourists. They soon find out what the real struggle is… each other. In the attempt to circle the entire country by longboard, they lose their minds and go completely insane. So put on your 3D goggles and pour yourself some mint tea, you might find out something new about Morocco!

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Peru y Boliva (Jan – March 2009)

Above is a Playlist (Trailer – Episode 16)

TEAM – Adam Colton, Paul Kent, Aaron Enevoldsen

DURATION – 2 months

DISTANCE – 1,500 miles

HIGHEST MTN PASS – 14,851 ft

HIGHLIGHTS – Living above 10,000 ft for 2 months, skating over 13 passes in the Andes, 2 days and 2 nights living on the Salar De Uyuni Salt Flat

In January 2009 I set off with Paul Kent and Aaron Enevoldsen to conquer the Andes with only longboards and backpacks.  We came out back as broken down machines, with life memories and whole video series documenting our self torture.


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New Zealand (Jan – March 2008)

Skate NZ

TEAM– Nat Halliday, Adam Colton, Sheldon Lessard, Kari Grebe, Julia

DURATION – 2 months

DISTANCE – 1,500 miles

HIGHLIGHTS – Best Fish n’ Chips of my life, Nat’s British accent, glacier hike

Nat Halliday organized this trip and it was amazing.  This was the last trip I was to do with a support car.  Support cars make things more complicated.  Nat met his wife on this trip, no joke.  Julia was chilling in NZ at the time, we met her at a restaurant, she joined the team and they are married living together in NZ today.

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USA – 2005

TEAM – Adam Colton, Chris Gregory, Shayne Rivers, Byron Levy

DURATION – 2.5 months

DISTANCE – 3,000 miles

CHARITY – Raised $10,000 for the East Coast Round Wall Foundation

My first distance skate trip and the one that got me hooked.


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Golden Mtn

FILMED – Adam Colton, Jonathan Jelkin

EDITED – Adam Colton

A couple hours to hike up 2,400 ft, only a few minutes to fly down.  Jonathan Jelkin (swing-spitfire13m), Adam Colton (swing-spitfire15m)


Wheeler Crest

FILMEDAdam Colton, Jonathan Jelkin

EDITED – Adam Colton

A massive flight, 5,000 + ft.  I still dream about this flight today.  First time running off a mtn this big, such a rush and an amazing feeling once the wing picks you up and you are floating in the air.

Adam Colton / Adam Stokowski – Patagonia Timelapse

PHOTOS– Adam Colton, Adam Stokowski

EDITED – Adam Colton

Patagonia is a massive, untouched, wind blown and raw land of southern South America.  It is home to many famous craggy peaks that have taken climbers’ lives.  It is composed of barren wind sweep fields that rock your car when you drive and topple your tent at night.  Camping every night, smelling like the animals we are, we came back with a handful of photos and a timelapase video that I hope you all will enjoy. I tell you, though; the beauty you see through your own two eyes is still untouchable. That is why we travel and explore to these magical places.  Let pictures and videos of these magical places be inspiration to go there.

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Longboarding – Swirling Samas

FILMED – Adam Colton, Adam Stokowski

EDITED – Adam Colton


MUSIC – ‘Safe in the Steep Cliffs’ by Emancipator

Trevor, Ari and Max flow there way through the beautiful Red Wood Forest of California on the new Dervish Sama.

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