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Flashback – Soulful

A video flashback to 2002.  While I was attending Elon University in North Carolina I  dedicated a lot of time to both street skating and longboarding.  My bud Shayne Rivers and I would cruise around campus being creative on our planks of wood.  Shayne is rocking a homemade monster board, made from Baltic birch with my monster face artwork on it.  This was the board that the LBL Adam’s Old Skool dancer was inspired from.  I was rocking either a sector 9 48″ pintail or a homemade board of ours as well, I can’t tell.

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Longboarding – Swirling Samas

FILMED – Adam Colton, Adam Stokowski

EDITED – Adam Colton


MUSIC – ‘Safe in the Steep Cliffs’ by Emancipator

Trevor, Ari and Max flow there way through the beautiful Red Wood Forest of California on the new Dervish Sama.

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