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China (September 2012)

TEAM– Adam Colton

DURATION – 3 weeks

DISTANCE – 800 miles

HIGHEST MTN PASS – 15,871 ft

HIGHLIGHTS – Living above 15,000 for 4 days, Yak butter, singing to myself

In 2012 I decided to do my first SOLO skate trip.  I picked a very tough, barren, desolate place Qinghai and Sichuan China.  I did not speak any Mandarin or Tibetan tongue.  For 3 weeks I talked to myself and battled mtn pass after mtn pass and eventually got ill.

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Longboarding – Nightfall

FILMED – Byron Kross, Adam Stokowski
EDITED – Adam Colton
DIRECTED – Adam Colton, Adam Stokowski
MUSIC – ‘Generations’ by Chrome Canyon
GAFFER- David Miller
GRAPHICS – Jonathan Jelkin
Hazmats, respirators, smoke, lights, slow mo, and longboarders arising from the fog in the night. A fun experimental art piece and introduction to the Orangatang Moronga showing

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